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    SMEs are the heart of Singapore’s economy but often struggle with accounting issues.

    Financio has partnered up with Maybank Singapore to benefit SMEs in new and better ways with automatic Accounting. You now get everything you need for your business accounts under one roof. Designed for those with minimum accounting knowledge, Financio features a clean and simple interface that speaks the native tongue of small businesses. In fact, you’ll be impressed to know that Financio is more than just an accounting software. It is cloud-based, it allows you to connect with other companies doing business with you, and you can easily collaborate online with customers and suppliers.

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    Features Designed with Local SMEs in Mind

    Accounting Automation

    Just issue invoices, record payments, and expenses. Financio will do the tedious ones such as generating accounting entries and tax records for you.


    Financio is PEPPOL InvoiceNow ready. Get paid faster by automating the invoicing processes reduces human error and time.

    Singapore GST Compliant

    Financio is Singapore GST compliant, you can issue GST F5 & IRAS Audit File (IAF) as required by IRAS in just a few clicks.


    Send and receive messages as well as share files related to the transaction with your customers or suppliers, regardless they are using Financio or not.

    Maybank Outward Interbank Giro (OBG) Export

    You can easily process bulk payment/collection and export OBG file format to the Maybank Business Internet Banking portal. All in a matter of few clicks.

    Unlimited Users

    Invite your partners, accountants, bookkeepers, sales personnel, and assign appropriate permission for them to reduce your workload.


    With PayNow, you can send money instantly with just the mobile number, NRIC/FIN, or Company Unique Entity Number (UEN) of any recipient.

    Multilingual Interface

    Financio comes in three languages! To make your accounting even easier, you can choose to use Financio in Chinese, Malay, or English.

    Jog Tagging

    It allows you to track income and expenses related to service jobs. This is particularly useful when multiple jobs are performed for a single customer.

    Flexible Permissions

    Highly customizable role-based permission settings (Read-only, create, or approval) on each module. This enables you to grant precise permission to your employees.

    Charts & Reports

    Live charts and reports at your fingertips whenever you need it. You are always kept updated and have a better idea of how your business is doing.

    Online / Cloud Based

    Online / web-based accounting software. Access your data anywhere with any connected mobile, tablet or computer. For PC, Mac, Android, or iOS.

    Live Backup

    All data stored on Financio comes with one copy of live backup and a second copy of daily backup. You never have to worry about losing your data again.

    Highly Secure

    We deploy banking-level security on our servers and for data transferred between your machine and our servers. Your data is safe with us.

    Responsive Support

    Our knowledge base provides instant answers to you. On top of that, our support agents will be happy to answer your questions via live chat/email.

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    Inventory Tracking Yes
    Connection to Maybank Business Internet Banking Yes
    Inward/Outward GIRO Fund Transfer Yes
    Technical Support Yes
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