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Are you playing detective on every variance at period-end closing? Fast to invoice yet held up with lengthy payment processing time? Is Bank reconciliation still a nightmare for you? Worry not! Sign up for Financio and simplify your accounting and tax matters today.

Now you can enjoy Financio Essentials or Premier Plan for up to 12 months free, under DBS Start Digital Pack.

Integration Set to Delight Small Businesses

Connect your DBS Bank account to Financio, your bank transaction data will sync from your bank directly. This helps speed up and simplify your reconciliation process.

Receive payments instantly to your bank via DBS PayNow Corporate. With no account numbers required, making payments to individuals and businesses is simple.

Financio is an IRAS-approved multilingual cloud accounting software. You can manage the GST F5 returns and IRAS Audit File (IAFs) in just a few clicks. Staying compliant is a breeze.

Save time and reduce potential errors by issuing payments directly from your supplier bill. No more switching back and forth between your accounting software and online banking portal.

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Reduce the time needed for period end closing when you connect your DBS bank to Financio.

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Connect your Financio account to DBS and kiss all your accounting woes goodbye!

Enjoy Financio for up to 12 months free, under DBS Start Digital Pack.*

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What offer is available right now with DBS-Financio?

Enjoy Financio’s Essentials or Premier Plan for up to 12 months free, under DBS Start Digital Pack.
*Terms and Conditions apply

Who is Financio developed for?

Financio is great for all forward-thinking SMEs that wish to work with a clean and simple interface; and one that helps to effectively manage cash flow whilst staying compliant with local tax regulations.

Financio is multi-user, multi-lingual, and multi-currency ready. With a wide range of integrated apps like banks, payrolls, e-commerce, and payment gateways, you can power up and scale your business at ease with Financio.

Visit the Financio site to find out more.

Why is Financio for my business?

Financio was developed to make life easier for small and medium businesses. Allowing you to devote more resources to other aspects of your business. Most importantly, Financio development is steered by the local business environment, helping your business stay up to date with local compliance and trends.

Some of the Singapore-specific features are IRAS Compliant GST and IAF report, Multilingual Interface, WhatsApp Notification and Corporate Paynow.

Financio is also multi-currency ready and has no limitation in terms of the number of users. That way, your business can scale at ease. Financio also comes ready with more than 20 reports available.

What reports is Financio capable of generating?

Access to 20+ reports including Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, General Ledger Summary, General Ledger Detail, Account Transactions, Aged Receivables, Aged Payables, Reconciliation, Audit Trial, Inventory Summary, Inventory Detail + GST Summary (GST F5), GST Detail and IRAS Audit File (.IAF)

You can also download these reports in both PDF/excel.

Is Financio secure?

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to provide users with deploy banking level security on our servers and for data transferred between your machine and our servers. Your data is safe with us.

What support do you provide?

You can reach us via the in-app chat support when logged in to your Financio account. You can also email us your questions at or submit a ticket on our website.

How can I connect automated bank feeds to Financio?

To connect bank feeds to Financio, log in to your Financio > integrated apps > connect > log in to DBS IDEAL™ > Select preferred bank account for connectivity. To reconcile and match transactions, go to control panel > account > reconcile and you are ready to match transactions.

How can I activate my Corporate PayNow and connect it within Financio?

To activate PayNow Corporate, log into your Financio account > go to Control Panel > Integrated Apps > PayNow Setting > Toggle ‘SG PayNow Enabled’. If you’ve yet to register for PayNow Corporate, register now at

What is Corporate PayNow?

With PayNow Corporate, you can make and receive payments instantly with just your Unique Entity Number (UEN), without the need to know or disclose any account numbers. PayNow Corporate is available for FAST and GIRO transactions. For more information, please refer to