Streamline Your Payroll with Financio: Bulk Upload & Payment Made Easy!

Financio Payroll's Bulk Upload & Payment feature simplifies salary payments, statutory submissions, and bank transfers for businesses in Singapore.

Make Electronic Submission

Pay your employees directly through bank transfers, eliminating the need for manual cheque processing.

Batch Payment Upload

Upload a single file containing payroll information for multiple employees, saving you hours of manual data entry.

Features Supported By

Simplified Statutory Submissions

Pre-formatted Templates

Generate all mandatory reports for Singapore authorities like CPF, SHG, IR and Form Appendix directly within Financio Payroll. No need to juggle multiple software or worry about data inconsistencies.

Streamlined Submissions

Submit reports electronically with a single click, eliminating manual filing and paperwork hassles.

Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS)

Direct integrated with IRAS Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income of yearly tax declaration.

Financio Payroll Made It Easy For You!

✔ Faster & simpler: Upload for all employees at once.

✔ Convenient: Authorize transactions once for single or multiple payments, eliminating repetitive cheque signing.

✔ Streamlined Process: Send transactions in bulk for a hassle-free experience.

✔ 100% Tax Compliant