Accounting Automation

Simply create invoices, record payments, and expenses. Financio will automatically generate all the bookkeeping entries and tax records. This hugely reduces human errors too.

Online / Cloud Based

Online / web-based accounting software. Access your data anywhere with any connected mobile, tablet or computer. For PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

Bank Integration

Connect Financio to your bank account and watch your transactions data sync automatically and accurately. You can even make payment directly from Financio to your supplier. Reconciliation no longer a dreadful task!

Local Tax Compliance

Stay on top of Royal Malaysian Customs tax obligations. Manage and submit your SST returns in just a few clicks.


Create professional looking invoices and have them delivered to your customers electronically via email in just a few clicks.

Recurring Invoice

If your business needs to send the same amount of invoice repetitively, why not just automate it! You can now automatically send invoices to your customer every week, every month, every 3-months, every 6-months or once every year.

Connected Platform

Scale and power up your growing business. From bank and payroll to e-commerce and payment gateway, we've got your back. When connected, real-time data will flow between two systems, boosting productivity and accuracy.

Financio Connect

Connect your business with other businesses on Financio. Transactions, messages, files and updates can be sent back and forth effortlessly.

Live Backup

All data stored on Financio comes with one copy of live backup and a second copy of daily backup, never worry about losing your data again.

User Friendly Interface

Built on a modern tabbed-view with a spacious workspace, allowing greater flexibility within fewer clicks. As a result, you can get work done faster too.

Multi-Users Collaboration

Grant precise permission and invite unlimited users to collaborate in real-time. Empower your team with the right tool and reduce your workload.

Multilingual Interface

To make your accounting even easier, you can choose to use Financio in English, Chinese or Bahasa Melayu. We make sure we cater to the multi-cultural community.


Send and receive messages as well as share files related to the transaction with your customers or suppliers, regardless they are using Financio or not.

Flexible Permissions

Highly customisable permission settings (read-only, create or approval) on each modules enable you to grant precise permission to your employees.

Highly Secure

We deploy banking level security on our servers and for data transferred between your machine and our servers. Your data is safe with us.

Responsive Support

Our knowledge base provides instant answers to you. On top of that, our support agents will be happy to answer your questions via live chat/email. Paid subscribers can also call us via a dedicated hotline.

Dashboard Charts and Reports

View live charts and generate reports whenever you want-no more waiting for month-end. Get your profit & loss, balance sheet, and many other reports in just a few clicks.

Budget Module

An essential tool to keep track of how your business spends, receives, and budgets money. Plan and track your budgets easily, and get a real-time overview of your business cash flow today!

Unit of Measurement (UOM)

Tie your units of measurement to prices and cost for each product. Once configured, the system will automatically display the relevant pricing when you purchase, stock or sell. Keep track of all your units with confidence today!

Multi Location Inventory Tracking

With Financio smart, multi-location functionality, you can stay on top of your stock levels at all times. Make your inventory go further, ensure you have optimal levels of the right stock in the right location at the right time.

Costing Methods

Financio supports two costing methods of stock inventory management -First In First Out (FIFO) & Average Cost. Choose the right inventory costing method to calculate the most accurate inventory cost and deduct from your taxable income. Be empowered to make smarter business decisions.

Receive Items

Keep track of your stock inventory alongside your purchases. With this easy-to-use feature, you can quickly update your goods received into your inventory.

Build Items

Keep track of finished goods and its components effortlessly. This feature supports the assembling and dissembling of finish items. Need to repeat the process? Just set it to auto-build today!

Stock Alert

Never miss an item going out of stock again! This handy feature will notify you whenever your inventory items are low in stock. A great way to ensure you maximise your revenue while maintaining a hefty bottom line.

Seamless Login: Financio Accounting & Payroll

You can log in to your Financio Payroll account without having to re-enter your password by clicking a button in Financio Accounting. Similarly, you can also easily log in to Financio Accounting by clicking a button within your Financio Payroll account. Activate Now!

Integrated Apps


Connect your RHB bank accounts securely with Financio. Get real-time reports, automated bookkeeping, invoicing-purchasing, management of cash flow, and tax reports.


Automate manual processes and expand your customer reach with Financio x UOB integrated app. Connect and let your data flow seamlessly and securely between the two platforms, providing an accurate daily view of your business finances.

JomPAY Integration

With JomPay and Financio, you can get paid faster, with approximately 40 banks across Malaysia. Your customers can now pay you via Internet & Mobile Banking or ATMs nationwide.

Kakitangan Integration

Kakitangan.com an online platform for SMEs, simplifying HR by providing you with one platform to manage your payroll, benefits, employee information and much more.

iKEY Edutech

Digitalize your education centre operation and automate your accounting and taxation tasks with iKEY Edutech and Financio.


Seamlessly synchronize pricing & inventory of your Lazada E-commerce business with Financio. Say goodbye to manual stock updates as sales come in.

mooPayroll Integration

Connect your Financio account with mooPayroll. Each time you run a payroll, a journal entry will be created and automatically sync to your Financio.

Tembo Pay Integration

Malaysia cloud payroll and HR software for small business. Simplify how you perform everyday payroll and human resources tasks with Tembo Pay. Let your payroll data auto-sync with Financio.

StoreHub Integration

Automatically synchronizes your sales and inventory data from StoreHub to Financio.  Save time by eliminating manual bookkeeping – all-in-one place.


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