What is E-Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing (E-invoicing) is the automated creation, exchange and processing of request for payments between suppliers and buyers using a structured digital format. So, what does this really mean?

In Singapore’s context, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has implemented the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) E-invoicing standard. Simply put, this standard generates invoices that contains structured data; data that is in a particular format so that it can be processed automatically. With PEPPOL, this comes in EDI – electronic data interchange format. The result is your invoice arrives in a format that’s immediately ready to be processed for payment, with no need for any details to be keyed in all over again.

“Without an invoice, businesses do not get paid. But invoicing can be very tedious and manual, with many inherent errors.
E-invoicing can change that.”

– Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information (MCI)

SME Challenges Today

Delayed Payments

Chasing payments, resolving inconsistent information and managing partner conflicts due to manual handling is inefficient and frustrating.

Inefficiencies in Invoicing Methods

Different invoicing methods dictated by trading partners create inefficiencies for businesses.

Environmental Concerns

Excessive use of paper invoices means increased cost in paper, postage and storage. This can result in lost invoices and environmental concerns.

Undetected Fraud

Data not in digital form makes it harder to apply fraud detection and data analytics.

Benefits of E-Invoicing

Get Paid Faster

Accelerate invoice creation and distribution. Invoices can be received and processed faster.

Better Cash Flow

Immediate delivery of invoices shortens the time to payment and thus improves cash flow.

Improve Efficiency

Automated invoicing processes reduces human error and time, at the same time increases accuracy.

Reduce Costs

Eliminating paper invoices reduces business costs in storage and retrieval.

How to connect to the Peppol Network?

Receive $200 via the E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG) by IMDA upon successful registration on the Peppol network.

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Peppol-Ready Solution Providers, which are connected to the network.

Connect to Peppol Network

Register your business in the Global Directory with your business UEN.

Ready to E-Invoice

Pagero* will send you a confirmation email within 72hrs.  You can now start sending and receiving e-invoices!
*Financio designated PEPPOL Access Point provider.

Start sending and receiving E-Invoices for free from 15 May - 30 Sep 2020!

Where can I find my business partner’s Peppol ID to send E-Invoices?

  1. Go to Peppol official website for directory search: https://directory.peppol.eu/
  2. Key in the UEN number of your business partner and then click the “Search Peppol Directory” button.
  3. Your business partner’s Peppol ID will be displayed.

Available for Premium Users Only

Enjoy 50 e-invoices only at $7.50 per month (exclusive of GST) .

*Price inclusive of GST.