Send Online Invoice Instantly with Financio

The best accounting softwares in Malaysia are the ones where you have an efficient, multifunctional platform to fully realise your business dreams. Other than accounting, tax and reporting task, Financio offers you a reliable way of managing your invoices online and hassle-free.

What is online invoice?

An online invoice or e-invoice is generally a PDF, Word or Excel file that is sent digitally either via email or an invoicing software. With Financio, this can be done through the software itself or via our CONNECT mobile app. As a user, you are able to create, send and receive invoices with just a few clicks!

What’s more? With the recurring invoice feature, you can automate invoices to be sent to your customer every week, every month, or once every year too. This will surely save you a lot of time and resources.

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Invoice software on mobile

Why you should use online invoice

Invoice Soft tick

Increase Efficiency

Invoice Soft tick

Reduce Storage & Retrieval Cost

Invoice Soft tick Quicker Processing & Payment Time

Invoice Soft tick Seamless International Transaction

Invoice Soft tick Environmentally Friendly

Benefits of Financio Invoicing Features

Create quick invoices

Speedy Invoice Creation

Instead of creating an invoice from scratch, you can just convert your quotation to an invoice with just a button!

Update Product detail

Update product detail

Be it product name, description or quantity, edit and update them as you see fit. You can even review the tax rate if applicable.

automated data entry

Automated data entry

The moment you save and approve an invoice, all the accounting transactions will be updated in reports and charts.

One stop platform

One-stop platform

Instead of using a separate invoice software and accounting software, Financio offers you an easier solution that combines cloud-based accounting, invoicing and bank integration, all in one.

invoice design customisation

Design customisation

Easily add your business logo to documents like invoices, sale and purchase forms for a more professional look. It also increases brand awareness and helps your customers remember you better.

recurring invoice

Recurring invoice

Sending the same customer invoice on a weekly or monthly basis can be taxing. With our recurring invoice feature, you now get to schedule and automate them ahead of time.

Other features also include

Multilingual user interface

Multilingual User Interface

With 3 languages to choose from, we’ve made sure we cater to the multi-cultural Malaysian community.

Bank statement

Bank Statements

Effortlessly import bank statements and payment details on one platform.

Flexible Permissions for Users

Flexible Permissions for Users

Be in complete control of who you give access to. Assign precise permission for each user with just a few steps.

Tax Records

Tax Records

All your tax amount from your online invoices will be recorded to make future tax filing easier.