SMEs are the heart of Singapore’s economy but often struggle with accounting issues.

Financio has partnered up with Maybank Singapore to benefit SMEs in new and better ways with automatic Accounting. You now get everything you need for your business accounts under one roof. Designed for those with minimum accounting knowledge, Financio features a clean and simple interface that speaks the native tongue of small businesses. In fact, you’ll be impressed to know that Financio is more than just an accounting software. It is cloud-based, it allows you to connect with other companies doing business with you, and you can easily collaborate online with customers and suppliers.

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Features Designed with Local SMEs in Mind

Accounting Automation

Just issue invoices, record payments, and expenses. Financio will automatically generates accounting entries and tax records for you.

Maybank Outward Interbank Giro (OBG) Export

You can easily process bulk payment/collection and export OBG file format to the Maybank Business Internet Banking portal. All in a matter of few clicks.

Advanced Inventory Features

Stay on top of your stock levels with multi-location and stock alert features. Choose between FIFO or Average Cost method, configure your units of measurement (UOM) to prices and cost for each product.

InvoiceNow Ready

Transact seamlessly with local and international businesses that are connected to the InvoiceNow network.


With PayNow, you can send money instantly with just the mobile number, NRIC/FIN, or Company Unique Entity Number (UEN) of any recipient.

IRAS Compliant

Stay on top of your Singapore tax obligations. Manage GST F5 returns and IRAS Audit File (IAFs) in just a few clicks.

Multi-Currencies, Multi-Lingual

Not only Financio is multiple currencies ready, it also comes in three languages too! To make your accounting even easier, you can choose to use Financio in Chinese, Malay, or English.

Unlimited Users, Permission Settings

Grant unlimited users precise permission (read-only, create, or approval). Invite your partners, accountants, bookkeepers, sales personnel and collaborate in real-time to reduce your workload.

Business Insights & Reports

Live charts and reports at your fingertips whenever you need it. You are always kept updated and have a better idea of how your business is doing.

Live Backup

All data stored on Financio comes with one copy of the live backup and a second copy of the daily backup. Never worry about losing your data again.

Highly Secure

We deploy banking-level security on our servers and for data transferred between your machine and our servers. Your data is safe with us.

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Enjoy these features:
Issuance of Invoices Unlimited
Purchase Bills Record Unlimited
Users Access Unlimited
Mobile App Yes
Reconcile Bank Transactions Yes
Business Insights & Reports Yes
Multi-currencies Yes
Multi-location Inventory Tracking Yes
Stock Alert Yes
Budget Module Yes
Unlimited Priority Support Yes
Dynamic PayNow QR Code Yes
Connection to Maybank Business Internet Banking Yes
Inward/Outward GIRO Fund Transfer Yes
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What offer is available right now with Maybank-Financio?

Pay one-time fee of S$75 to enjoy 12-month Premier Plan. *Start Digital T&Cs apply.

Who is Financio developed for?

Why is Financio for my business?

Financio was developed to make life easier for small and medium businesses. Allowing you to devote more resources to other aspects of your business. Most importantly, Financio development is steered by the local business environment, helping your business stay up to date with local compliance and trends.

Some of the Singapore-specific features are IRAS Compliant GST and IAF report, Multilingual Interface, WhatsApp Notification and Corporate Paynow.

Financio is also multi-currency ready and has no limitation in terms of the number of users. That way, your business can scale at ease. Financio also comes ready with more than 20 reports available.

What reports is Financio capable of generating?

Access to 20+ reports including Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, General Ledger Summary, General Ledger Detail, Account Transactions, Aged Receivables, Aged Payables, Reconciliation, Audit Trial, Inventory Summary, Inventory Detail + GST Summary (GST F5), GST Detail and IRAS Audit File (.IAF)

You can also download these reports in both PDF/excel.

Is Financio secure?

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to provide users with deploy banking level security on our servers and for data transferred between your machine and our servers. Your data is safe with us.

What support does Financio provide?

You can reach us via the in-app chat support when logged in to your Financio account. You can also email us your questions or submit a ticket on our website.

How can I activate my PayNow Corporate and connect it within Financio?

To activate PayNow Corporate, log into your Financio account > go to Control Panel > Integrated Apps > PayNow Setting > Toggle ‘SG PayNow Enabled’. If you’ve yet to register for PayNow Corporate, register now at PayNow Corporate (

What is PayNow Corporate?

With PayNow Corporate, you can make and receive payments instantly with just your Unique Entity Number (UEN), a PayNow QR code, or PayNow on SGQR. For more information, please refer to PayNow Corporate (